A Healthy New Mexico

Hello my name is Stephanie. I attend school at Mora High School. I have been in Evolvement for over a year now. So you’re probably saying well what is Evolvement anyways? Well, I’m glad you asked. Evolvement is a youth led program designed to take down tobacco for teens.

We have two campaigns. One is called No Minor Sale, which is working to end the illegal sale of tobacco products to minors. The other is 24/7 which is working to get schools to adopt a policy of keeping their school tobacco free 24/7. I’ve taken part in collecting opinion surveys for both campaigns and meeting with our state’s legislators. I thought it was amazing because of the support we received from them. Being in Evolvement is important because I want to see good things happen for my school as well as the state as a whole. I think most people don’t realize just how bad tobacco is. My experiences have impacted my community greatly and my school district has even adopted the 24/7 policy which will keep students thriving and safer.

I joined Evolvement because I saw it as a chance to meet new people and I knew I’d have more opportunities in life. I figured it would be great to put on my resume. I think Evolvement is definitely a great place to have fun and learn many new skills. I decided to take part in a summer summit they were hosting. I joined in because I wanted to make a great change for New Mexico. 

I’m writing this blog in hope of getting support and spreading the word about the influence tobacco can have on a teen’s life. 1 in 3 teens are vaping in New Mexico. I want to stop the danger of tobacco from reaching even further! As a member of the leadership team I believe I can make change by recruiting members and educating them on tobacco. 

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