My Work With Evolvement by Olivia Fowler

My name is Olivia Fowler, a junior from Portales High School. I have been in Evolvement for two years, and this is my first year on the leadership team. My main interest in Evolvement began with another member of the Portales leadership team, Cali Walker, who told me and a few friends about what Evolvement entails. I found the purpose of the organization to be a great cause and something that I would be interested in, mainly because I have seen and heard the horror stories of people dealing with addiction, and I want to empower the public to be able to fight back against the temptations of tobacco.

So far, my favorite experience of being in Evolvement has been the leadership summit. We went to the Sheraton Uptown in Albuquerque, NM, and spent a few days learning about what it means to be a part of the Evolvement leadership team. I have made so many new friends, worked on public speaking skills, and learned more about what the organization stands for and wants to achieve. I have also learned new techniques about how to make Evolvement more appealing to potential recruits. Another great experience I’ve had with Evolvement was the Portales Peanut Valley Festival. We set up a table and encouraged people to take our quick 5 minute survey. I learned a lot of people’s opinions about our organization, and most were all for it. 

Being in Evolvement is important to me because I want to do everything I can to better educate the public on the dangers of tobacco use. Recently, ENM has helped to pass a law changing the legal age to purchase tobacco products to 21 instead of 18. Although I wasn’t a direct part of the passing of this law, I am extremely proud of the work that Evolvers have done and are continuing to do. I hope that I will be able to help make changes like this in my community along with my fellow Evolvers.

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